It started in college,
as so many drinking stories do.

Our gut and taste buds were tired of beer as our only option.
Well, not the only option — there was also watery spiked seltzer or syrupy hard lemonade. No thanks.

We didn’t want to just drink for drinking’s sake; we wanted to enjoy the experience with a real drink. So, we made our own.


We started with a classic gin + tonic, using the best ingredients we could find and funneling them into bottles over the sink to bring to our next party. Sure enough, our friends wanted what we were having instead, so we spent the next year refining our recipes and crafting our cocktails.

The truth is many of us don’t like the taste or the heaviness of beer, but the alternatives on the market just aren’t cutting it.

We created XED (pronounced “crossed”) cocktails in a can to be that better option.

Our low-calorie, gluten-free drinks contain high-quality ingredients with no preservatives or fillers. You can taste the alcohol, as you should, like having a freshly mixed drink at a bar.

Ready to put down the beer or spiked seltzer and pick up a real drink? That’s what we thought. Give our XED cocktails a taste.

Meet The Team

We’re two college friends, Zeke and Nate.